Lepus Printed Parts


All of the 3D printed parts needed to build your own Lepus. An extremely compact, mag-in-handle, full auto blaster designed by JackRabbitNerfer.

Pictured as dark green
Pictured as black
Color configurator found here: Lepus Color Configurator


General Info:
– Listing is for all of the 3D printed parts needed to build a Lepus. Hardware sold separately.
– Fully automatic with two trigger setup. One revs the wheels, the second fires.
– Fire switch will only activate after rev switch is activated to prevent jams and accidental firing
– Extremely compact (6″ x 6″ x 2-1/2″)
– Mag in handle design with pull-detent system
– Variable rate of fire. Default configuration fires about 1 mag per half-second or 30 darts per second
– Powered by Fang ReVamped motors by Foamblast and Worker Hurricane Flywheels by Worker Mod
– N20 600rpm pusher motor makes for reliable single fire and controlled full auto fire.
– Performance on-par with similar builds (Hurricane, Bulwark, Woozi, etc) (~130 FPS)
– Battery compartment dimensions are: 58mmx15mmx43mm

Darts & Loading:
– Compatible with Talon, Thanhlon, and other Talon style magazines
– Medium crush (32.5mm) means will work with most dart types, but recommended darts are the Half-length Adventure Force darts.

– Rear thumbscrew for quick access to battery cover and internals
– Compatible with small 3s Lipo batteries (Tattu 450mAh recommended).
NOT compatible with 1300 or 1500mAh batteries.
– Wired with JST connector for compact size

Additional Motor Setup
Magnetic Pop-Loc Holster


View a color configurator here: Lepus Color Configurator

You can get a fully assembled and tested blaster here.

View the build guide here: Lepus Build Guide

**Original design by JackRabbitNerfer on Etsy. Sold with permission.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in


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