Magnesium (Bullpup Zinc)

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A compact, top-slide, spring-powered, bullpup style blaster design that packs a punch for its size!

Grip tape, fidlok magnets, magazines, and darts sold separately.

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Magnesium FEATURES: 

– Solid, sturdy frame design
– Spring-powered, bullpup pistol
– FPS around ~130fps and ~175fps with the two main springs
– Pull-to-prime, push-to-load
– Mag-release next to trigger guard and magwell
– Durable Aluminum CNC plunger core
– Compatible with Straight Style Talon Magazines such as the Worker 15-Round Talon Magazine and Worker 10-Round Talon Straight Magazine
– Designed by “Mags”, a local Utah nerfer!
– Has Slam-Fire (holding the trigger down fires a dart each time the slide is returned)
– Custom color configurator can be used to preview your build before you purchase: Magnesium Color Configurator


– 1 Magnesium Blaster, fully assembled
– 1 higher power spring and plunger pre-installed (~175FPS)
– 1 lower power spring and plunger (~130FPS)
– Printed SCAR pre-installed
– Stock plate and Nerf stock attachment


– Compatible with Straight Style Talon Magazines
– Compatible with most half-length non-waffle head darts. We recommend Worker High End Darts
– NOT compatible with AF Darts

Special thank-you to 118 Design for the original Zinc 1.0 & 2.0 design and Mags for the Magnesium Zinc “Variant”. A portion of sales will be paid as royalties.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1.5 in

2 reviews for Magnesium (Bullpup Zinc)

  1. Ross (verified owner)

    I am coming back to my initial review of the Magnesium blaster as I made it seem likely the blaster wasn’t designed well. After reprinting and rebuilding, my review of the design of the blaster has changed. The blaster by design is GOOD. The back section weakness was solved using the 2 4-40 nuts and 2 4-40 3/4″ screws which slot into the “original” prints. The main body and front are the same as the back (uses 4-40 nuts and screws). Those two sections addressed the issues in my previous review. For the mag release, initially I thought it was the spring that was causing problems, but I found out it was the mag release blade that requires a little bit of sanding to make the mag release smoother. So my overall impression of the Magnesium blaster is, it is well designed and worth it. It is more durable, has a more hobby-like form factor, shoots at 150 to 200 fps depending on springs and settings, and takes talon mags. Recommend looking at.

  2. Ross (verified owner)

    The Magnesium is a nice blaster, but has flaws that make it not viable for use yet. The Magnesium takes the Zinc internals and shifts it into a bullpup style blaster that allows it to take talon mags. The blaster is capable of good performance, putting out 170 fps with pretty good accuracy. However, there were issues that needs to be addressed.
    The mag release is very finicky. The spring tension for it needs to be perfect for it to hold the talon mag while shooting, and also needs to be perfect for it to release the mag properly. When the blaster arrived, the mag release wouldn’t release the mag. Then when, I changed out the spring, the mag release works, but it doesn’t retain the mag well while shooting. After switching springs multiple times, I was able to get the mag release working. The next part that gave problems was the rear piece. I feel this part built on the weakness of the Zinc. The rear piece is held by 2 4×40 screws. These screws have a tendency to not tighten well on the slide, causing them to strip the screw holes. This was not as big of an issue on the Zinc, as there wasn’t a grip to prime on the rear piece. However, on the Magnesium, a prime handle was added to the piece increasing its weakness. Priming on the back feels good, but it stress the blaster on those two weak screws. After shooting the blaster a little, the back piece broke off while priming. The screws holes gave away and no longer can support the back piece. I was able to fix this by putting in thicker and longer screws and glued in the back piece to help support it better. However, this was not the last issue. While shooting again, the front muzzle piece flew off. I know it’s only a cosmetic piece with no functionality. But, a product that is going to be sold, shouldn’t have things falling off of it after only 30 shots. I don’t know whether it is a quality issue, a design issue, or what. But, there are too many issues making the Magnesium not ready yet. Hopefully these issues will be addressed. I like the design, but the blaster didn’t work well.

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