Microburst + Shells & SPEXBZ Tank


Compact, CO2 powered blaster that uses Spring Thunder shells. Powered by a SPEXBZ tank from Spectre, it can launch a variety of ammo with a variety of muzzle velocities.

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 – 1 Fully assembled and tested Microburst
– Storm Regulator
– Spexbz Tank
– Co2 Adapter
– 10 Gold Rival Shells
– 3 co2 canisters
– Listing is for a fully assembled and tested blaster
– Barrel tip is orange by default ’cause safety
– Adjustable FPS based on the regulator pressure setting
– Performance depends on shell and dart type used
– Designed to be powered by CO2 canisters
– Compatible with Spring Thunder shells (by Shellington Blasters)
– Powered by a SPEXBZ tank (by Spectre Armaments) with a pressure range between 40psi and 140psi
– Capable of launching a variety of ammo with a variety of muzzle velocities
– Can be mounted on other blasters with Picatinny rails or used standalone with the basic grip
– Barrel features a Nerf Knockout style automatic extension controlled by the levers on the side of the blaster
– Assembled using metal pins for security and ease of assembly (and maintenance)

* Microburst is an original design by ansuzalgiz on Thingiverse. Sold with permission. A percentage of all sales of this item will be paid to ansuzalgiz.*
**** HPA is inherently dangerous and should be used responsibly. This product is not meant for those who are unfamiliar with HPA systems. While the operation and maintenance are simple, please be aware of good practices.

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Weight 2.1825 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 5 × 5 in


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