MILSIG M79 Foam Dart Blaster

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The first ever HPA-powered “sniper” foam dart blaster. Full & semi auto select-fire.

Designed & produced by MILSIG. Limited supply available.

Includes bottle-on stock mount. HPA bottle sold separately.



– Full metal and nylon construction
– Select fire with safe, semi, and full-auto modes
– Swappable barrel lengths. Default barrel is ORANGE and 300mm in length.
– Easy take down access for maintenance
– Charging handle to reset bolt and clear jams
– Powered by the MILSIG M79 Heat Core (NOT SuperCORE)
– Advertised: 150-400FPS. Actual: 200-350FPS. Pressure adjustable by nob on bottom of built-in second stage regulator.
– Bottle-on Stock Setup is included by default (Bottle sold separately)
– Metal barrel thread cover included by default
– Large orange muzzle tip available

*Remote-line stock setup is out-of-stock

– Dart Zone Pro Darts recommended by Milsig (but Worker darts work fine at not max pressure)
Worker Gen3 Dart compatible
Worker Talon Mags recommended

REGULATOR (for bottle-on or remote-line setups)
– Designed by MILSIG
– Regulator has built in ON/OFF function (Highly recommended)

Bottle (for bottle-on or remote-line setups)
– Almost any standard HPA bottle can work with the blaster, however, the bottle provided here is especially fit for the bottle-on stock. SLP/LPA bottle are NOT compatible.
– Regulator output must be 800psi

How many shots per bottle? 
– 13ci bottle on full power: ~150 shots
– 48ci bottle on full power: ~600 shots
– 16g Co2 bottle on full power: ~40

(Shot count is an estimate. Performance might vary based on blaster settings & elevation, etc)


– M79 is NOT compatible with foregrip accessories from CaptainSlug
Alternate Magwell, additional shroud, and more available here
Barrel Adapter for Jet-threaded barrel available here

What setup is required for me to use my blaster right out-of-the-box?

At minimum, you’ll need the blaster and just a bottle and regulator.

HPA Bottle: 

You can use other bottles and regulators than what’s advertised here. Almost any standard HPA bottle (output pressure of 800psi) is compatible with this blaster. SLP bottles are too low-pressure and will not work.

The bottles advertised on the listing is specifically compatible with the blaster’s stock. Other bottles might not be.

HPA Regulator: 

You can use other regulators than what is advertised here. However, the MILSIG regulator has a handy ON/OFF switch on the side. Other regulators don’t have that feature, and require more adjusting.

Click here to download the M79 101 User Manual

What if my blaster breaks or malfunctions? 

If your blaster arrives to you broken, we’ll will replace it, no charge. If your blaster cycles unreliably or performs other than advertised, we’ll troubleshoot with you. Failing that, we’ll either issue in-store credit OR issue a full refund. We’ve got your back 🙂

We’re finding that some malfunctions are due to the M79s not being broken in enough. Read more about what to do about that here:

Read this before you fire your M79!! 

Where do I fill up an HPA bottle?

Any place that has the equipment to fill bottle. We take ours to our local paintball outlet or scuba store. It’s generally just a few dollars. You can also get your own refill setup if you’d like.

Click here to download the M79 101 User Manual

How do I setup my blaster?

It’s as simple as screwing in the regulator to the bottle, and then into the blaster. Video instructions will be released shortly on how to set up your blaster and use it properly, as well as a guide to maintenance and safety.

Click here to download the M79 101 User Manual

Click here to download the M79 In-depth User Manual

MILSIG Modular Blaster System Overview

How long until I get my blaster?

We are currently shipping out M79s as fast as they pass the quality check. Provided there’s nothing else in your order, your M79 should ship in 2 days – 3 weeks.

Will there be other barrel lengths and add-ons available?

Yes! The following upgrades are now available:

Alternate Magwell, additional shroud, and more printed add-ons
Barrel Adapter for Jet-threaded barrel

Anyone who purchases an M79 will be notified via email when more addons come out.

Who do I contact with questions?

Contact Derrikk at 🙂 We’re happy to help!


Additional information

Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 8 × 4 in

Red, Blue, Gold

7 reviews for MILSIG M79 Foam Dart Blaster

  1. Trez

    I’ve always been someone who thought nerf guns were cool. I’ve always had 1 or 2 just at my crib just because why not. One day after having a nerf war with my girl in the house I thought, I bet I could take this thing apart and somehow make it shoot harder and faster while being accurate. Looked up some relatively easy videos on YouTube previously thinking how intricate it must be to do to find out that the spring is all that really mattered. (For basic store bought guns) Then went to the internet to see if anyone sold already modified nerf guns. Was surprised at how big the community seemingly is, came across the Milsig m79 already knowing going into it, looks dope, it’s metal, it shoots in the high fps I want…..screw any negative review (if there were any) im getting this gun. There are always going to be your over analytical people out there that can find something wrong with anything. I myself even found some (very little) negative reviews about the m79. Most of these reviews were lazy, made buy notable nerf gun reviewing YouTubers that had a whole bunch of nothing to say. Again, didn’t care. Purchased it, oiled it immediately now about 6000-7000 rounds later with the 3000psi tank from FF I have had literally zero issues. I’m not one to make reviews, that may seem cliche but I’m really not. And felt that I really loved this product so much especially for the money, it deserved one. The only, and I’m talking ONLY mishap I’ll call it I’ve had was one of the smaller O rings must have blown out of place (wasn’t damaged nor did it get damaged) so air was leaking from the tank through the heat core immediately. It was a Quick fix, O ring put back in place, oiled and haven’t had a problem since. Was actually glad it happened because it gave me the opportunity to break the entire gun down, learn, maintain and put back together with ease. If you’re even mildly thinking about getting this. Do it, you won’t be disappointed. This was out of stock when I wanted to buy it, a quick email to FF they added one to their stock (I assume have them) just don’t list them regularly for some reason or maybe I got lucky, idk and idc because I got one. Very dope. I would recommend to anyone, however I wouldn’t waste time purchasing the worker darts if you’re someone like myself wanting to get the most out of the blaster while keeping the dart fully in tact, as the 3000psi tank kicks hard and often will blow a dart up or two. Go get the heaviest duty half lengths you can find. Or find a way to make your own and you won’t be mad you did. Lastly the talon mags are the ONLY mag for this gun. Do yourself a favor and buy from FF or Amazon. The ones from Amazon work arguably better than FF and In my experience if you want a quick release mag the Amazon Talon mags quick release. FF are a little too snug to have the same effect. ( again maybe all talons for this m79 are truly made the same and I got lucky but that’s my experience without altering the mag in any way) I’d give 6 stars if I could.

  2. Jacob Lopez (verified owner)

    Was a little worried about its reliability but after following the instructions, I can confirm this blaster shoots well and reliability. Too bad the co2 stock is no longer available sad😢

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