Caliburn Barrel Extension Shroud


An extended barrel shroud for use with 18 inch length barrels for the Nerf Caliburn. Replaces the original trench piece.


Cover up the exposed extended barrel and add additional tactical rails to the front of your Nerf Caliburn.

Additional information

Weight .0625 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in

3D Solutech Real Black, 3D Solutech Natural Clear, Paramount Graphite Grey, AMZ3D Light Grey, AMZ3D Red, Paramount Iron Dark Red, Hatchbox Orange, 3D Solutech Real Purple, 3D Solutech Apple Neon Green, Hatchbox Green, Paramount Military Green, Hatchbox Blue, eSun Light Blue, 3D Best-Q Metal Light Silver, 3D Solutech Banana Yellow, Tianse Neon Yellow, 3D Solutech Real White, Tianse Gold, 3D Solutech Navy Blue, 3D Solutech Hot Pink, Paramount Military Khaki Tan


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