Neutrino + 1 Box Glow Darts


Intuitive, “sniper” HPA-powered blaster by UKFoam. Fully assembled & tested. Like New.

*SuperCORE NOT included. Blaster requires a SuperCORE to be usable*

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– 1 Fully assembled & tested Neutrino. Like new condition.
– Storm Regulator
– Quick disconnect with backcheck
– 1 Box Gen3 Glow Darts
– Hybrid Barrel
– Stock

– Held together with neodymium magnets and worker rails for a sub-1-minute teardown and rebuilds.
– Buffer tube stock accepts many stock options.
– Powered by SuperCore by Spectre
– Semi-auto, manual trigger valve
– Built for a remote-line setup
– Compatible with low and high pressure regulators and tanks

Darts & Mags
– Worker Gen3 Darts
– Worker Talon Magazines

More Info Here:

What HPA Nerf is like in Play

4 Myths about HPA Nerf and How I Debunked Them

Additional information

Weight 3.75 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 8 × 4 in


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