Pigeon Pecker Short Mag


Compact, 9 round, short dart magazine. Designed to fit flush in the handle grip of the Dessert Pigeon by MHP Arms specifically, but is also compatible with most other designs.


– Listing is for a fully assembled and tested magazine
– Specifically designed to sit flush in the Mk7 and Mk8 pigeon magwell
– 9 round capacity
– Sleek design to fit the Dessert Pigeon
– Uses same profile as the Jet Katana Magazine and Worker Talon Magazine
– Easy to disassemble should maintenance be required
– Mag detents on both sides. One for Katana, one for Talon
– Compatible with Dessert Pigeon, ESPER, and others
– Compatible with both the Mk7 and Mk8 Pigeons of both Talon AND Katana styles

Compatible with:
– Mk7 Pigeon (Talon Version)
– Mk7 Pigeon (Katana Version)
– Mk8 Pigeon (Talon Version)
– Mk8 Pigeon (Katana Version)

Not Compatible with:
– Blasters with a magwell NOT angled to 10 degrees

pigeon pecker mag is an original design by Tobu on Thingiverse. Used with permission.

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 1 in


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