Pre-Built XC by Foam Knight


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– Compatible with rival, half-darts, full-length darts, and mega
– Sleek, sci-fi feel
– Easy take-down
– Quick access spring swap system
– Adjustable stock
– 130-190FPS depending on dart type and setup
– Includes 1 Full Knight Blaster, 1 Rival magwell, 1 Elite magwell, 1 Rival Barrel, 1 Mega Barrel, 1 Elite barrel, & spare hardware.
– Default spring is the K26

DARTS & MAGS – Short answer, yes 🙂

Half-Length Darts
Worker Talon Mags

Standard Mega Darts
Mega Mags

Standard Rival Rounds
Standard Rival Mags

Standard Full-Length Darts
Standard Full-Length Mags


Default spring is a K26

Other spring options:


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