Quick Deploy Two/One Point Padded Sling


Two point sling that is highly versatile and quick adjustable for any occasion.

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– Ultra high density 1000D nylon webbing for maximum durability
– Large metal clips fit into many sling point positions
– Long length and two points make it ideal for longer blasters
– Metal clips can be combined to make a single point sling
– Perfect for both long and short blasters
– Pull the tightening strap to pull your blaster in close to your body to keep it snug against you to complete an objective
– Pull the loosening cord to extend the sling and extend your blaster for quick deployment
– Strap includes shoulder pad suited for large or heavy blasters or extended use


Default Adjustment Lengths:
70” Extended Longest Setting
50” Collapsed Longest Setting

31” Shortest Setting (No deploy)

54” Extended Shortest Setting
31” Collapsed Shortest Setting

Sling can be partially deployed for any length in-between

+ Make it a single point for half the length, or swap the strap for a different one

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in


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