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Replacement barrel usable for a variety of applications. Barrels have ~16mm outer diameter.

If you are using a 012 o-ring such as Talon Claw or Caliburn, the Chambered barrel option is the standard for most blasters

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– If you are using a 012 o-ring such as Talon Claw or Caliburn, the Chambered barrel option is the standard for most blasters
– Different barrel materials have differing amounts of friction making them suited for different applications.
– Tighter barrel gives an estimated performance increase of 5-15 FPS, depending on the barrel and setup.
– “JET” thread is compatible with HPA SuperCore barrel adapters and aftermarket threaded breeches such as the Gameface Prime
– 509 and .495 barrels are chambered and do not require a coupler.

Other Barrels:
Brass Barrels: Solid brass barrel.
Hybrid Barrels: Threaded with aluminum on the outside, brass on the inside. Ideal for HPA setups.
– For non-threaded alumimum barrel with brass on the inside, select BrassAlu

Barrel Specs:
– 0.625″ OD x 0.049″ Wall (.527″ ID) +/- 0.025″ (Default Caliburn Barrel)
– 0.625″ OD x 0.058″ Wall (.509″ ID) +/- 0.01″
– 0.625″ OD x 0.065″ Wall (.495″ ID) +/- 0.004″
– Mega Barrels are 0.875″ OD x 0.777″ ID
– Rival Barrels are 1″ OD x 0.84″ ID
– PETG: 0.625” OD, 1/2” ID +/- 0.01”

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 19 × .5 × .5 in

5 reviews for Replacement Barrel

  1. TactialGenius (verified owner)

    Took 11 days to arrive but overall very good packaging quality and very well designed

  2. atozbball (verified owner)

    Hybrid 14in aluminum/brass barrel
    An amazing product!

    First, the shipping was fast. I’m impatient and fast shipping always makes me happy!
    Second, the quality of this barrel is top notch!
    Came beautiful packaged with not a scratch to be found inside or out(and as I wax my barrels frequently I definitely like a mirror finish inside).
    Finally, WOW!!!! What a performance upgrade. Running this on a Lynx by Orion Blasters printed by SFI and it’s hitting consisttly 320-330 with highs of 335!!!(AF pro darts, k26 spring inside some longshot spring I had laying around)
    Definitely LOVE THIS BARREL.
    And with scar super accurate, without scar also not so bad!
    Thank y’all!

  3. Shawn Eaton (verified owner)

    I previously wrote that it doesn’t work with the doom shroud. I took the coupler off and super glued the adapter to the barrel. It works great so far. I have a brass barrel of the same length and this actual averages about 20fps higher than the brass. I’m digging it now. For reference, the 18″ brass was averaging about 305 – 320 fps. The .495 18″ barrel is averaging 325 – 340 fps.

  4. Shawn (verified owner)

    I’m sure it probably works great, but the adapter for the tighter barrels does not work with the Doom Shroud. It won’t let the shuttle travel far enough back for the plunger to catch.

  5. Max

    Ordered a 24 inch .527 aluminum barrel for the caliburn and oh boy did I ever get a boost in performance. Shipped reasonably quick and without any damage.

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