Loading Mechanisms for Homemade Blasters


Loading mechanisms include singled barrels, slide breeches, RSCBs, hoppers, and chopper clips. Each serve slightly different purposes, but achieve very similar results and performance. Read below for details.

Single Shot
Slide Breech (+$7.00)
RSCB (+$5.00)
Hopper (+$5.00)
Chopper (+$7.00)
Product total
Options total
Grand total


Detailed Description of Options

For firing one dart at a time. Must be removed, reloaded, and reattached to blaster to fire. Required for using a loading tube. Loading mechanisms requiring a barrel will have the barrel included.

PVC adapter end is reamed/chamfered for easier loading and use with other loading mechanisms/hoppers.

Default material is CPVC. Default barrel lengths are as follows:

Singled Full-size blaster: 15″
Hopper/RSCB’d Full-size blaster: 12″
Singled Pistol-size blaster: 9″
Hopper/RSCB’d Pistol-size blaster: 7.5″

Slide Breech
A slide breech loading mechanism. One step up from singled barrel. Requires reloading after each shot, but does not require removal between shots (unlike the singled barrel).

1/2″ PVC coupler compatible. Rear end chamfered for easier loading. Includes a nub to lock breech closed to prevent very tight fitting darts from causing a loose breech to be blown open by high powered blasters.

Can be made to shoot half length or full length darts. Barrel length is same as singled barrels.

RSCB is an acronym for the four contributors: Rawray, shortshit, cynicalsynapsis, 3dbbq.

Requires blaster to be tipped down in-between each shot to load a new dart (gravity fed).

Standard loading mechanism for Rainbow Pistols and when desiring to shoot full length darts or darts with rubber heads. Can fire full length darts, half length darts, and darts of any head type/style/material.

Size of loading tube and barrel options given below.
Full-size blaster: 12″ loading tube (holds 10-11 darts) with 12″ CPVC barrel
Pistol-size blaster: 6.5″ loading tube (holds 6 darts) with 8″ CPVC barrel

Hopper Clip
Holds 10 half length darts. Feeds Slug style darts perfectly, but any darts with a rubber head have a tendency to jam without a coating of lubricant, strip of teflon on the inside, or a 3D printed wye piece (sold separately).

Includes same size barrels and loading tube as RSCB, but redirect piece is replaced with a 45 degree wye fiting.

Chopper Clip
Holds 12 half length darts. Feeds Slug style darts perfectly, but any darts with a rubber head have a tendency to jam. Allows darts to be stored horizontally, reducing overall size of blaster. However, must be occasionally tipped downwards to load darts in between shots (gravity fed).

Includes all part of a hopper clip, but with a 45 degree redirect piece added to the loading tube/hopper.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in

Full size blaster (12" clear tube OR 16" barrel), Pistol (6.5" clear tube OR 9" barrel)


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