Sweetheart Storm Dry-fire Prevention Kit


Utilize the Sweetheart Storm’s dry-fire prevention system by installing a magnet in your magazine.


– Includes parts to install in Talon Magazines to enable the built-in dry fire prevention system in the Sweetheart Storm
– Enables use of the Storm’s built in dry fire prevention system
– Bolt is normally closed, so the dry-fire prevention kit is designed to prevent the blaster from firing if an empty mag is in the magwell

– For replacement mag springs to double spring your mags for increased feed reliable, see here: Replacement Mag Spring

– 1x Magnet
– 1x 3D Printed Magnet Holder

Polarity does matter. It’s pretty easy to check. If the polarity is correct, the blaster won’t prime. What you can do is mark one side of the magnet and hold the magnet against the small switch inside the magwell, then pull the trigger. If the blaster primes, make sure to install the magnet in the opposite orientation in the mag. If it does not prime, then that is the correct orientation. You can also install the magnet in the follower without the mag spring and test it that way if it’s hard to hold onto the magnet in the magwell. Once you have one magnet in the correct orientation, you can use that to orient the rest of your magnets/mags.

Installation Video by Bradley Phillips:

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions .25 × .25 × .25 in


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