Sweetheart Storm FB-1 2.0 Plus

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High power, select fire, spring powered, lipo cycling, semi and full auto 300 FPS spring blaster.

The models we will be receiving are black accent with colored bodies.


Brought to you by Foamwork Adelaide in Australia, the Storm is a high powered Automatic Springer. Includes select fire for semi and full auto with the power and accuracy of a spring blaster. Uses a lipo to cycle the bolt, but the main power is spring power.

– Aluminum main body with PETG+ABS printed parts
– 320 FPS performance
– Semi and full auto select fire
– Accepts airsoft AEG spec pistol grips
– Battery compartment in lower stock compartment
– Compatible with 16mm OD barrels isntalled with 4 grub screws
– Compatble with Worker style springs such as Nexus Pro 1.4 and 1.6 springs

– 200 and 400mm barrel options for high and mid FPS
– Long and Short Handguards

Plunger Volume: 106cc
Aluminum Main Body
New updates since Bradley’s review. The delrin ball changed to brass so there is no need to replace them anymore. There are a few other things that have updated as well.
~120 FPS with 200mm barrel and Worker Nexus Pro 1.4 Spring
~160 FPS with 200mm barrel and Worker Nexus Pro 1.6 Spring
~200 FPS with 200mm barrel and default Storm spring
~300 FPS with 400mm barrel and default Storm spring

400mm is the best barrel for highest FPS. It is compatible with other OD 16mm barrels.

Battery Installation Video:

Very First Look:

Lube and Check Internals:

Additional information

Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 5 in
Body Color

Red, Green, Blue

1 review for Sweetheart Storm FB-1 2.0 Plus

  1. Emmanuel Alers (verified owner)

    This AEG is cool, the ability to shoot a springer at full auto with accuracy is great. The Storm does not operate properly without double springs in the mag. This is both true for 3S & 4S lipos. Without a double spring you will encounter a jam. There should be a better explanation on how the bolt mechanism works with the bottom screw to clear jams (Note hate there is no bolt retraction outside of using a barrel rod for clearing jams). The weight is a tad bit heavier than expected, not a problem for a big guy like me but maybe for someone with a lighter frame.

    The AEG is very accurate in hitting its targets consistently. The storm is compatible with lots of customization such as adding a T238 BCAR tracer, scope, bipod, barrel length etc. The storm is durable and can handle heat better being made of PETG, it’s aluminum frame makes it robust. Makes it feel like the real deal. Definitely hitting higher stats than it’s counterpart the Colonel Wasp MP 45 which I also have and tested.

    In sum this is by far the best performing blaster I have ever seen, it’s only fallout is that it’s a comprehensive gun that is higher maintenance. Definitely not made for a beginner but to those looking to up their game this is it.

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