T238 Flash BCAR

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Bearing “BCAR” tracer unit which allows darts to glow in the dark by charging luminescent darts. Compatible with 16mm diameter and similar barrels.



-T238 high accuracy bearing “BCAR” tracer with fluorescence rainbow LEDs and luminous dart charging

-T238 tracer unit allows you to see the flight path of your shot with fluorescent darts. When using RGB version, you can still see a rainbow of gunfire effect without the help of special darts.

-Dimensions: 150mm long, 35mm outer diameter
-Rainbow trajectory mode
-Dynamic gunfire color
-Tracer dart charging
-Adjustable gunfire color
-20 minute timeout automatic shutdown
-Low battery automatic shutdown
-Increase accuracy of darts similar to a SCAR
-Charges glow darts to glow in the dark
-Compatible with Worker Gen 3 Glow Darts and similar
-Includes 3D printed ring to dim flash to limit blinding players, but still charge darts

Battery: 760mah, maximum endurance 40000 rounds, charging with Micro USB cable.



Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in

Black, Silver


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