Talon Claw 4 (T4) Skegg Stock


Skegg stock lengthens the back of the T4 to give it a longer feel and a secure shoulder weld. Also adds an upper and lower rear sling points.

Shown as Tan
Shown as Dark Gray
Shown as Tan
Shown as Tan
Shown as Tan
Shown as Dark Grey
Shown as Dark Grey
Shown as Dark Grey


Talon Claw (T4) is a variant on the Caliburn 4 by CaptainSlug. Pump action, clip-fed, variable fps. Listing is for a solid stock for a Talon Claw T4 blaster.

Skegg stock IS compatible with Longshot Wide diameter springs such as Turf Longshot Springs available here: Turf Longshot Springs (Talon Claw)

– Solid stock for the T4 makes for a very strong shoulder
– Maintains quick rear spring swap quick-access buttplate for easy spring swap to adjust power
– Built-in quick disconnect point on stock body
– Lower opening for a rear lower sling point

– New T4 Rear Top Rail to merge smoothly with Skegg Kiri
– Vented T4 Skegg Kiri Coupler for Skegg stock
– Skegg Stock main body
– Skegg Stock Buttplate
– Skegg Stock lower angled flat
– 2x Hex Standoffs
– 1x Bottom Screw
– 3x 4-40 Screws

Skegg stock design by Vikinger119 with in-house modifications. He did a great job!

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4.5 × 1.5 in


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