Magpie Green/Brown/Grey + Darts


Brand new short-dart revolver, full of features. Fully assembled & tested. Brand new.

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– 1 Magpie, Fully-assembled & tested. Short boi variant.
– Merlin Motors
– 2 Cylinders
– 1 Box Gen3 Glow Darts


– Semi-automatic, lipo-powered
– 6 shot cylinder
– Flip out cylinder for fast rear loading
– Also rear-loadable from the side
– Cylinder is removable for quick-swapping the cylinder
– Functional hammer action can be used to fire as well
– Primary Color applies to Top Cover, Side Covers, Grip, and Cylinder
– Secondary Color applies to Frame halves
– Battery not included.

Battery & Charger: 
3S 1300 Lipo
– Charger: IMAX B6 Lipo

– Worker Gen3 Darts

Motor Setup:
– Merlin motors have a similar performance to Honeybadgers, except that they spin up faster, and are able to sustain a longer rev without heating up. Merlins are less likely to burn out if a jam occurs.

View the Magpie Color Configurator here

The Magpie is an original design my MHPArms. Sold with permission.

A portion of all sales will go to MHPArms.


Additional information

Weight .875 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 2.5 in


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