U Bullpup – Dark Green/Black + 1 Box Glow Darts – As-Is

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U Bulllpup, fully assembled. Used. Hits really hard. Around 200FPS with 5kg. Around 180FPS with 788. Around 160FPS with k31. Ships with k31 installed.

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– 1 U Bullpup, fully assembled and tested. Used. Sold as-is.
– 1 Box Glow Darts
– Machined Acetal Plunger & Rambase
– Carbon Fiber Wrap
– Angled Foregrip
– Worker Scar
– Aluminum Trigger
-P-cap Plate
– Brass/Alu Barrel
-Aluminum trigger link

– Listing is for a fully assembled and tested U Series Bullpup blaster
– Primary color applies to Coupler, Grip5AR, Magback, Nameplates, and Pcap
– Secondary color applies to DoomS, ARGrip, Trelease, Krelease, Plunger, Sear, Trigger, RamBase, Endcap, EndCover, and Magfront
– Muzzle is orange by default
– Pump action with lower picatinny rail for foregrips
– Compatible with both Talon and Katana style magazines.
– Includes upgraded o-ring tipped ramrod by default
– 14″ 0.527″ ID default barrel
– Default spring 8-3/8″ K25. Compatible with 9″ length K31, K26, and 8-3/8″ length 788 springs.
– Base performance on-par with Rainbow Pistol (approx 200FPS with default set-up).
– 26″ overall length
– Handle can be removed to be replaced with other AR style grips (sold separately)
– Ramcore come with o-ring notch and Vanguard (which enables magazines to be loaded with the breech closed)

Original U Bullpup design by captainslug released under CC-NC license. It is also based off of the Talon Claw design by aasamba released as public domain.

Used with permission. A percentage of all sales will go to captainslug.

**Carbon Fiber Wrap is a sticker add-on. Durability not guaranteed.

Additional information

Weight 3.3125 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 6 × 4 in


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