U Caliburn Printed Parts


Kit contains all necessary 3D printed parts to assemble a U Caliburn. Hardware sold separately. Darts & magazines sold separately.

*Blaster is not useable without a foregrip attachment (Angled Foregrip Recommended)*

Barrel Shroud
Grip Insert (+$6.00)
Iron Sights (+$4.00)
Rail Riser (+$10.00)
Suppressor SCAR (+$15.00)
Plunger Tube Cover (+$5.00)
Angled Foregrip
Pyrangle Foregrip (+$5.00)
Vertical Foregrip (+$5.00)
*Blaster will be unusable without foregrip attachment*
Railgasm (+$10.00)
RMAX (+$25.00)
Stampede (+$35.00)
Product total
Options total
Grand total


– Listing is for printed parts ONLY. Hardware sold separately.
– Primary color applies to Coupler, Grip, Magback, Nameplates, Pcap, and Backbutt
– Secondary color applies to DoomShuttle, Mag Release, Buttplate, FrontButt, Magfront, Trigger, RamBase, Plunger, Sear, and Tguard
– Muzzle is orange by default
– Assembly instructions provided by captainslug: Talon Claw U assembly instructions.
– A foregrip must be ordered or acquired separately for blaster to function.
– Contact us to request custom color schemes, designs, etc

Darts & Magazines: 
-Compatible with full length nerf darts & elite style magazines
-Compatible with half darts & Worker Talon Magazines with Wildcard adapter

Original design by captainslug released under CC-NC license. A percentage of all sales of this item will go to captainslug.

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in


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