U Caliburn

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A variant of the Caliburn reinforced with U-Channel bars. Pump-action and mag fed. Darts & magazines sold separately.
*Blaster is not usable without a foregrip attachment*

Shown as Light Blue
Shown as Black
Angled Foregrip
Pyrangle Foregrip (+$5.00)
Vertical Foregrip (+$5.00)
*Blaster will be unusable without foregrip attachment*
Barrel Shroud
Grip Insert (+$6.00)
Iron Sights (+$4.00)
Rail Riser (+$10.00)
Suppressor SCAR (+$15.00)
Plunger Tube Cover (+$5.00)
Carbon Fiber Wrap (+$15.00)
Rubber Grip Sleeve (+$10.00)
Aluminum Pcap (+$10.00)
Aluminum Trigger (+$15.00)
Aluminum Sear (+$20.00)
Railgasm (+$10.00)
RMAX+gasm (+$25.00)
Stampede (+$35.00)
Color configurator found here: U Caliburn Color Configurator
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– Listing is for a fully assembled, tested, and most recent version of the U Series Caliburn blaster
– U channels run the length of the blaster on both sides making the platform extremely rigid
– Primary color applies to Coupler, Grip, Nameplates, and Pcap
– Secondary color applies to DoomS, Trelease, Krelease, Plunger, Sear, Trigger, RamBase, Endcap, EndCover, and Magfront
– Muzzle is orange by default
– Includes aluminum ramrod with o-ring notch and Vanguard
– Pumpaction grip includes bottom picatinny rail for various foregrips
– Compatible with Nerf brand and most aftermarket magazines and mag adapters
– 30.5″ overall length

Darts & Magazines: 
-Compatible with full length nerf darts & elite style magazines
-Compatible with half darts & Worker Talon Magazines with Wildcard adapter

Addons and Upgrades:
– Pcap Reinforcement Plate strengths the Pcap and Magback prints making the middle section virtually indestructible
– Carbon Fiber Wrap is for style, but it is just a sticker. *Durability not guaranteed.*
– Black Screws instead of the default

To build your own: Hardware Kit option with upgrades

Original design by captainslug released under CC-NC license. A percentage of all sales of this item go to captainslug. Used with permission.

Original Vanguard ram concept by Van James and a portion of sales of the ‘Vanguard’ upgrade will be paid to him.

U Caliburn Color Configurator: http://captainslug.com/nerf/caliburn/u/

We’ve modified the U Caliburn slightly from the original to give you a better performance.

Significant changes include:
– Thickened hex-standoff walls for increased durability of parts
– Modified shuttle for use with barrel coupler
– Added new railsegment for cross-compatibility with U Talon Claw U Channels with v4 hardware
– Widened Plunger to take K14 spring
– Added modified Pcap plate for use with Aluminum Pcap plate reinforcement




Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 4.5 × 1.5 in

5 reviews for U Caliburn

  1. amah252 (verified owner)

    -Talon/katana exclusive magwell
    -all aluminium upgrades
    -14″ .509 aluminum barrel
    -Pro 26 Spring
    -Third party bearing scar

    The blaster performed great with all springs that I ordered (4kg-14kg) I would strongly recommend upgrading all performance parts to aluminum or acytal if you are going to run a k25 spring or stronger.
    3D printed parts can feel a little sharp in some spots and could use some sanding so I would advise saving money and ordering a diy kit or wearing gloves. The U channel would rub a little when I would grip the handle so maybe sanding those edges would be good too.
    Lastly, skip the carbon fibre wrap if you intend on swaping out your springs often.

    All in all great blaster, great support if you have any issues, great shop!

  2. Arsenal Delta (verified owner)

    Definitly love my first U-CaliBurn, running a Turf pro26, 18′ Barrell and Scar hitting over 225fps very accurate. Didn’t had a missalignement yet. Highly recommand the metal parts.

  3. nclee8787 (verified owner)

    I love my U-Caliburn and with a k14 it hits like a truck! Excellent performance (hitting in the 350’s with a k14, brass barrel + ram, and worker gen 2’s) but cumbersome and a bit hard to prime (also because of the k14). If I used another spring like a k25, the prime weight would be perfectly fine. Occasionally, the ram and the barrel misalign when priming as well. If you do decide to gear your U-Caliburn to higher spring loads though (like a k14/k25 + k31), I highly recommend aluminum parts to add durability. If I ran my Caliburn with a regular PLA sear and a k14, I’d be a tiny bit nervous that the intense load on the sear causes it to break and the Caliburn to misfire.

  4. erichdq (verified owner)

    Barrel and ram alignment off by 1-2mm. I don’t recommend U caliburn because we can’t really adjust the alignment much due to the U channels locking every parts into a fix place. After filing the priming bars and screw holes. I can only align horizontal but vertical alignment still off by 0.5mm. Buy a normal caliburn and add the options that helps in rigidity will be much better.

    • Derrikk Sun (store manager)

      Yea, ram alignment is a known issue with the U Caliburn. I’ve found making sure the ramscrews are tightened down can help a ton. Also swapping to a machined base can also help the ram drooping problem since the printed bases can wear out.

  5. arturos2001 (verified owner)

    It shipped pretty fast and I’m super happy with the U Caliburn, excelent performance and is by far the most accurate blaster I own. Excelente build quality and service!

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