U Talon Claw Hardware Kit


Contains all the hardware needed to assemble a v4 Nerf U-Series Talon Claw (a design by captainslug). Darts & magazines sold separately.

*Blaster is not useable without a foregrip attachment*

Railgasm Hardware (+$2.00)
Aluminum Trigger (+$15.00)
Aluminum Sear (+$20.00)
Aluminum Pcap Plate (+$15.00)
Carbon Fiber Wrap (+$20.00)
Product total
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– Contains all hardware needed to assemble a Nerf U-Series Talon Claw, designed by captainslug on Thingiverse.
– Assembly instructions provided by captainslug: Talon Claw U assembly instructions.
– Includes ramrod with o-ring notch and vanguard by default, so no upgraded ram is necessary
– 10.875” L 0.527″ ID barrel
– Compatible with cutdown Caliburn springs and Longshot springs
– Springs offered as kg ratings are Longshot springs
– Available with optional stock and other add-ons sold separately
– Spring lengths for standard springs are: 9″ k26 and k31, 8-3/8″ k25 and 788

– Additional springs can be purchased here
– Railgasm
– Scar Barrel
– Ported MuzzleBrake
– Aluminum internals
– Varying barrel types
– and more!

– Pcap plate requires modified Pcap print available here
– Access to files for printing your own parts available here: Print Files Download

– Darts: Gen3 Worker Darts
– Magazines for the Talon/Katana Version: Worker Talon Magazines
– Compatible with both Talon and Katana style magazines. Full length dart version compatible with Nerf and most aftermarket magazines

Original design by captainslug released under CC-NC license. A percentage of all sales of this item will go to captainslug.

Optional Vanguard ram upgrade (dogbone shaped) concept by Van James.

* Performance FPS values may vary

**Design used with permission

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2.25 × 2.25 in

K26, K25, 788, K31, 8kg (+$6), 10kg (+$6), 18.5kg (+$6)


Yes (+10), No


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