U Talon Claw

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A very short variant of the Caliburn reinforced with U-Channel bars.
*Blaster is not usable without a foregrip attachment*

Darts & Magazines sold separately.

Barrel Shroud
Grip Insert (+$6.00)
Iron Sights (+$4.00)
Rail Riser (+$10.00)
Suppressor SCAR (+$15.00)
Plunger Tube Cover (+$5.00)
Carbon Fiber Wrap (+$15.00)
Rubber Grip Sleeve (+$10.00)
Aluminum Pcap (+$15.00)
Aluminum Sear (+$20.00)
Aluminum Trigger (+$15.00)
Product total
Options total
Grand total


– Listing is for a fully assembled and tested v4 U Series Talon Claw blaster
– Primary color applies to Coupler, Grip5AR, Magback, Nameplates, and Pcap
– Secondary color applies to DoomS, ARGrip, Trelease, Krelease, Plunger, Sear, Trigger, RamBase, Endcap, EndCover, and Magfront
– Muzzle is orange by default
– Pumpaction with bottom picatinny rail for foregrips
– Compatible with both Talon and Katana style magazines.
– Includes upgraded o-ring tipped and vanguard ramrod by default
– 10.875″ 0.527″ ID barrel
– Default spring 8-3/8″ K25. Compatible with 9″ length K31, K26, and 8-3/8″ length 788 springs.
– Base performance on-par with Rainbow Pistol (approx 200FPS with default set-up).
– 25″ overall length
– Can be built with optional ButtStock for increased stability and increased length
– Optional top front rail also available
– Handle can be removed to be replaced with AR style grips (sold separately)

– Darts: Gen3 Worker Darts
– Magazines for the Talon/Katana Version: Worker Talon Magazines
– Compatible with both Talon and Katana style magazines. Full length dart version compatible with Nerf and most aftermarket magazines

Original design by captainslug released under CC-NC license. A percentage of all sales of this item will go to captainslug.

We’ve altered the design slightly from the original to give you better performance. 

Significant changes include:
– Thickened hexstandoff slots to increase durability of parts
– Added modified Pcap plate to be used with Aluminum Pcap plate reinforcement
– Modified Shuttle for use with barrel adapter
– Added EndCap that is compatible with Turf springs
– Added new rail segment for use with v4 hardware


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 4.5 × 1.5 in

3 reviews for U Talon Claw

  1. Josh Snyder

    Great product! All metal parts fit very well. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars becuase there are some gaps in the upper railgasm and muzzle. Not sure why but your files seem a bit shorter and the metal parts included. Overall just cosmetic, works great, hits very hard. But i weigh 180 lbs, if I was a small person I wouldn’t like the prime, but fits me very well.

  2. John

    Great platform. There’s a lot of other parts you can print in the future if you want. Awesome performance as well just make sure your seals are tight.

  3. erichdq (verified owner)

    Do not buy talon claw. Buy a caliburn. Unless you are looking for a blaster below 150FPS. The U talon claw I have is impossible to prime with Turf 16kg, 18.5kg. With Turf 10kg and 8kg, the prime weight is harder than my caliburn with k26. Only the turf 5kg is comfortable to use. Yes I bought every turf and main springs to try on the U talon claw.

    • Derrikk Sun (store manager)

      Sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been having. It’s likely due to the U Talon Claw’s shuttle rubbing on the U channels causing excess friction. Make sure you’re priming straight back and not torqueing the foregrip while priming. Hope that helps!

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