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All of the hardware you need to assembly the XC (a design by Foam Knight). Compatible with Frontline Foam’s remixed STL XC files.


– Includes all of the hardware you need to assembly the XC (a design by Foam Knight)
– Compatible specifically with Frontline Foam’s modified files which make the XC compatible with #6 sized screws and other more common hardware such as 10-32 threaded rod and other Caliburn/Talon Claw hardware
– Includes a few spares of common parts incase some are lost
– Includes all hardware for all 3 types of ammo. Elite, Rival, and Mega
– Does not include lube or tools for assembly

NOTE: This hardware kit is NOT compatible with Foam Knight’s original STL files. To use this kit, you must print or purchase the Frontline Foam remixed STL files.

Frontline Foam remixed STL files available here

Order an assembled XC here: https://www.frontlinefoam.com/product/foamknight/


Design used with permission. A percentage of sales of this item will be paid to Foam Knight.

Design used with permission. A percentage of sales of this item will be paid to Foam Knight.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 3 × 3 in

1 review for XC – Foam Knight | Hardware Kit

  1. Mike Ried (verified owner)

    Overall I’m happy with my purchase, but there are some things that make building with this kit a little difficult. It’s great that Frontline Foam provides the parts for this blaster as I am not able to find any specs on the parts needed as foamknight’s website is gone. Once I got everything, I was able to follow the video for the most part and had almost no issues assembling the blaster.

    As for why I took off one star. This kit comes with all of the threaded rods needed, metal bars, screws, and o-rings needed to build the blaster. The problem, at least with the order I received, is that all of these parts were tossed into 1 bag and then wrapped with rubber bands to the tubes and springs for the different barrels. In the assembly video it’s even stated that there is an issue figuring out which o-rings go where as it is difficult to determine the sizing by eye. Attempting to assemble this blaster, I am having issues with the rival balls getting stuck in the barrel. While part of it is issues with my printed parts, the other part is that I have no idea which o-ring is meant to fit on the rival bolt, as my remaining o-rings either do not provide enough of a seal so the balls get stuck partway, are too large to allow the bolt to sit fully against the printed parts when firing, or are too small to be stretched around the bolt. It would be nice if at least the o-rings were labelled and bagged/wrapped separately to make identifying them easier. At this point I am ordering new o-rings so I can cross off one variable while trouble-shooting.

    Outside of that, I have tested firing with elite and half length darts, and they fire amazingly. I haven’t tried the megas yet as again I am having issues with my o-rings, but so far it looks like this will be a nice blaster to add to my arsenal once the kinks are worked out.

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