Zinc 2.0 DIY Kit

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All hardware and prints necessary to build your own Zinc 2.0.

Build Guide Video: Zinc 2.0 Build Guide 2.0

Shown as Dark Grey
Shown as Neon Yellow



– Magazines will be in the secondary color
– Solid, handgun frame design
– Spring-powered, mag-in handle pistol
– FPS around ~130fps and ~175fps with the two main springs
– Pull-to-prime, push-to-load
– Left or right handed mag-release next to trigger guard (not ambi)
– Durable Aluminum CNC plunger core
– Spring powered Mag Eject system
– Gravity drop+assist quick mag release system (so cool)
– Reviewed by Out of Darts, Naptown Nerf, LordDraconical, CYard Nerf, Ministry of Foam & more
– Build guide provided here: Zinc 2.0 Build Guide 2.0


– All hardware and prints required to build a Zinc 2.0
– 2 3D-printed magazines
– 2 springs for lower and higher power (~130-175FPS)
– Alternative plunger to accommodate lower power spring [Plunger not pictured, but it’s included]


– Uses proprietary short dart magazines
– Compatible with most half-length non-waffle head darts. We recommend Worker High End Darts
– NOT compatible with AF Darts
– Magazine comes in the SECONDARY color

Special thank-you to 118 Design for the Zinc 1.0 & 2.0 design. A portion of sales goes to 118 Designs.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 2 in

8 reviews for Zinc 2.0 DIY Kit

  1. nmartucci95 (verified owner)

    Everything arrived as described, I’m excited to build this blaster! Frontline foam is running an awesome operation here, I’ll be returning if I need anything else. Thank you!!

  2. Mathias Henriksen (verified owner)

    I can’t praise their customer support enough. I would even rate it higher if I could. I ordered this kit with some other parts. Because of my impatience (and a couple parts out of stock) it took a while for everything to be ready, but I got answers very fast when I emailed support.
    My trigger arrived broken (it snapped up front, so firing the pistol is impossible without repair) and they immediately started printing a new one and sent it, again with customer support answering with way under 24-hour wait time. Honestly 10/10. Now, I’m waiting for the new trigger, but that’s only because I live in Denmark and that’s quite a long transport, but I’ve assembled most of the blaster, and it honestly feels like a very good product. The plastic is very sturdy, and it doesn’t seem brittle or fragile at all. Really good experience with FrontlineFoam, and I will definitely be a returning customer in the future for 3D-prints.

  3. Huey Lai (verified owner)

    Everything came as described, building it was very fun and pretty easy! Broke a part near the end of my build and FLF sent me a replacement free of charge. Completed blaster works amazingly smoothly, would definitely recommend. Customer support team was also very kind. Thank you!

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