Ultimate Zinc 2.0 Loadout

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Everything you need for an epic Zinc 2.0 battle.

Shown as Glitter Red
Shown as Marble White
Alternate Slide
7- Round Mags (QT 2)
9-Round Mags (QT 2)
Alternate slide by BamBoost
Holster (+$25.00)
Gen3+ Darts (200 Count) (+$16.00)
Replacement Mag Springs QT 4) (+$11.80)
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– Solid, handgun frame design
– Spring-powered, mag-in handle pistol
– FPS around ~130fps and ~175fps with the two main springs
– Pull-to-prime, push-to-load
– Left or right handed mag-release next to trigger guard (not ambi)
– Durable Aluminum CNC plunger core
– Spring powered Mag Eject system
– Gravity drop+assist quick mag release system (so cool)
– Reviewed by Out of Darts, Naptown Nerf, LordDraconical, CYard Nerf, Ministry of Foam & more


– 1 Zinc 2.0 Blaster, fully assembled
– 2 7-Round Magazines
– 2 9-Round Magazines
– 1 Alternate Slide by BamBoost
– 2 springs for lower and higher power, and alternate plunger (~130-175FPS)



– Uses proprietary short dart magazines
– Compatible with most half-length non-waffle head darts. We recommend Worker High End Darts
– NOT compatible with AF Darts
– Magazine comes in the SECONDARY color

Credit and thanks to 118 Design for the Zinc 2.0 and BamBoost for the alternate slide.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in

4 reviews for Ultimate Zinc 2.0 Loadout

  1. Kate in NJ (verified owner)

    Favorite Christmas present. It was tough to work at first, but after the first day of non-stop obsessive play (nothing else was played with today), it has loosened up. It is actually very useful for developing hand strength (which is something they have to fight my kid to do in OT- now he is going to have hulk hands). Will absolutely be ordering from this company again.

  2. James Dezelich

    4/5 for an overall score. There aren’t any major flaws in the design or performance. But that it only works with 3D printed mags and the strong real steel resemblance, it knocks that point off for me.

  3. Aaron (verified owner)

    Incredible product by an amazing company. Couldn’t be more satisfied. They shipped the zinc 2.0 to me overseas with great communication and professionalism. Build quality is exceptional, color and detailing are great.

    Highly recommend picking up this “ultimate” set with the included extra extended magazines. What a great deal.

    Best blaster in it’s class, this is the one your looking for!

  4. jbro (verified owner)

    Amazing blaster. Very accurate and consistent in shot placement. Love the option for softer/harder hitting springs “out of the box.” Great overall feel in hand as well. Looks terrific. Is there a better springer side arm blaster?

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