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Q: “How do I know exactly what color my parts will be?”

A: Most blasters are set up with a Primary and Secondary color scheme with an orange muzzle. The color schemes typically follow the color patterns in the product photos and can often be found in the product extended description. Filament brand name, color, and a picture preview are available on the color guide. The color shown in the product drop down menus are normalized nomenclature that we picked that best represents the color.

          You can refer to the blaster’s color configurator to see what your blaster will look like.

Q: “How can I know the lead time on a certain item?”

A: Lead time required depends first on the complexity and amount of customization of an order and a product’s inventory status. Check this page for updated lead times: SHOP POLICIES AND LEAD TIMES

Q: “Do you offer custom print or modification services?”

A: Yes, we can print items not listed on our site if licensing allows it and we do offer custom mods and builds however, lead time on custom orders will be longer than a standard order. We keep updated on the latest Nerf news and are pretty aware of what’s out there. Contact us if you have a special request and we’ll see what we can do: customrequests@frontlinefoam.com

Q: “Will I receive tracking information with my order?”

A: Yes. Most shipping services offer tracking and when an order is ready to be shipped, a shipping confirmation email with tracking information will be sent to the email address provided with the order. Once an order has been dispatched, it is entirely in the hands of the shipping service. Sometimes it takes a day or two for the tracking information to be updated by the shipping service and tracking for international orders by some providers may be unreliable, but we do our best to suggest the best shipping options to our customers.

Q: “Will my order by delivered by a certain date?”

A: Please contact us if you need your order shipped by a certain date. We can usually fulfill special requests for delivery dates, but we need to know ahead of time.

Q: “Can you print in a different color or material than you have listed?”

A: Yes! Contact us and let us know what color and brand you’d like us to use. We are usually able to print in any color, but need additional time to acquire it and may request additional payment if the filament is much more expensive than our regular colors. We also don’t list every color we have in stock, just the most popular, so there could be a chance we already have the color you want in stock and won’t charge extra (for example ABS, PETG).