Read this before firing your M79!!

The M79 requires some breaking-in for best performance. 

*Please read and understand the following BEFORE attempting to operate your M79.* 

#1: Read the Owner’s Manual

Click here to download the Owner’s Manual

It’s important that you have an idea of how your M79 functions. Do not operate your M79 without reviewing the owner’s manual. It’s not long. 

Feel free to also review videos & how-to content we’ve made:

#2: Lube Blaster Before Each Use

When you receive the blaster, lube the port where the air tank attaches to the blaster to introduce lube into the air system. 

*Apply 1 DROP of lube. Excessive lube risks clogging up the blaster*

It’s best-practice to lube the blaster each day you play with the blaster. Do not lube it multiple times a day.

Your M79 comes with a bottle of lube. It should be plenty to last you for a long time. 

#3: Dry Cycle without Darts

Attach your air tank, set the blaster on full-auto, and pull the trigger for various cycles without darts. 

Dry cycling is essential for a few reasons: 

  • Works the oil through the blaster
  • Breaks-in the mechanics of the blaster

We’ve noticed the M79s work better and better the more they’re cycled. Make sure you take enough time on this step. 

Keep in mind!

The M79 cycles more reliably on semi-auto than it does on full-auto right out-of-the-box. It’s important to break-in your M79 and find the optimal regulator pressure setting for your elevation for optimal full-auto performance. 

Your M79’s regulator is set at the lowest possible operating setting for our elevation when testing (Utah County). You may need to adjust your regulator depending on your elevation to operate your M79. 

#4: Be Careful When Shouldering on Full-Auto

The M79 Heat Core needs room to operate. 

If you pull the M79 hard into your shoulder when firing on full-auto, the pressure can reduce the rate of fire. 

Keep in mind!

This will likely become less of an issue as the M79 settles in and you work with your blaster more. 

#5: Use New Mags & Darts If Possible

Load your mags with new darts. Avoid darts that lose their shape when loaded into a magazine. 

Why this is important:

  • New darts feed best on full-auto. Squished darts are more likely to feed too slow or cause a jam. 
  • Old darts are likely dirtier and can strip the anodization off the inside of the barrel

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