Read This Before Using Your Musket!!

The Flintlock Musket is a great functional prop by CarneyRex. It is a unique blaster, so make sure you read all of this before you use it.

#1 Things May Have Shifted in Transit

Carefully unpack your blaster.

Check for any broken parts or cracks that may have happened during shipping.

Check each screw to make sure nothing loosened during shipping.

#2 3D Prints

Don’t leave your 3D printed parts in a hot car or in prolonged direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

#3 Prime BEFORE You Load

Insert the Ramrod into the muzzle.


Firmly, but gently, push down until you hear a faint click as the plunger locks back.

Remove the Ramrod and drop a dart or Rival ball down the muzzle.

Use the Ramrod to gently push the dart or ball down until you feel slight resistance.

For a dart, do not push the Ramrod down too far, or you may lose the dart in the Plunger Tube and need to partially disassemble the Musket to remove the dart.

Unjamming instructions are available here: 

#4 Use Responsibly

Do not use bayonet to stab or jab. It is a prop, not a toy.

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