Sweetheart Storm FAQ’s| Pros/Cons/Questions

Here is some updated information on the Sweetheart Storm. FAQ’s and more videos below.

Very First Unboxing


  • Cylindrical cam shaft so no potential of gears stripping
  • Accuracy of a Springer
  • High Powered (300 FPS)
  • Semi and Full Auto
  • Variable FPS from 100-300 FPS
  • Intuitive form factor with mag infront of grip
  • Can easily unjam with ramrod
  • Large battery compartment
  • Easy to design add-ons
  • Secure barrel swap with 4 grub screws


  • Weight
  • A little long for true CQB
  • Pricey
  • Not a quick spring swap
  • No handle to reset bolt like the M79
  • 3D printed accent parts
  • Stock not adjustable
  • Bolt cycles when trigger is released, so possible to short stroke (tapping trigger is better than holding it for semi-auto)

If you have early access to the Pre-order, check it out now! Otherwise, sign up for early access!


Here are some questions we’ve received on the Storm recently:

Q: When will you have stock on hand to fulfill orders?
     A: Sweetheart says we should have them in our hands mid August.

Q: What’s the difference between the version we’re offering and the version from Black Raisins?
     A: Black Raisins version is slightly different we’re told. Uses a different spring and slightly different body parts not by Sweetheart. Sweetheart told us: “Singapore as a retailer since now different versions. We do things quite differently so I cannot comment much. Singapore order their own spring and did not pass Yan aka. Mr.Sweetheart and me. Our version is originally customised by Yan, following Brad and mine requirements. Yan give me permission to run international apart from Singapore, so Singapore did their own version. There will be other tiny difference along the way. But my method is always following the originals.” 

Q: Is this the same version as Foamwork Adelaide’s?
     A: It is the same version internally as the one from Foamwork Adelaide. They are working directly with the designer (Sweetheart). Sweetheart doesn’t have a direct distribution channel, so they’re going through Foamwork Adelaide. We’ll be getting them from Foamwork Adelaide. This version of the Storm is the original approved by Sweetheart in collaboration with Foamwork Adelaide. They’ve made some improvements already since the one Bradley reviewed. The version that we received as a sample is the official version. They’re still making small changes to it, but overall, the retail version is ready.

Q: Can I pay in installments?
     A: Yes. The site has payment plans offered through PayPal. You should see that option at checkout.

Q: Will you be offering the non PLUS 2.0 version?
     A: We are selling the 2.0 Plus Variant exclusively. It seems to be the most reliable and higher power.

Q: Will you have other colors?
     A: The colors they’ve offered us are the Blue, Red, and Green. It’s possible we’d offer other colors in the future, but can’t be sure. I think they’re made by hand and not in a factory, so supply is quite limited atm.

If you have early access to the Pre-order, check it out now! Otherwise, sign up for early access!

Spring Swapping the Storm

Rate of Fire Test

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