The Magpie is one of the most unique designs out there. Credit to MrHeathPants (MHPArms). We’re proud of how our Magpies are turning out. They’re so much fun. 

Some people get confused on how to properly maintain and use their Magpie. Here are some tips. If this is your first Mapgie, homemade, or flywheel blaster, then this is important for you!


The Magpie uses a single-stage trigger to activate the flywheels, fire a dart, and rotate the cylinder. 

First, pull the trigger slightly to allow the wheels to spin up, then deliberately pull the trigger the rest of the way to fire the dart. 

Finally, quickly release the trigger to reset the cylinder. 

*The firing cycle is unique and might take some getting used to*


You can rear load from the side, swap out the whole cylinder, or release the cylinder to reload it. To release and reset the cylinder, push the release lever and flick the blaster to the side. To return the cylinder, push the release lever again and flick the cylinder back into place.

If you’d like more Magpie cylinders, you can print your own or order them here:


The battery is installed in the bottom of the grip by removing the battery cover screw, and sliding off the battery cover.

It may be a tight fit. Use a firm, but controlled force. The battery compartment fits a 3s lipo up to 1300 size, but if you’re skilled, you can fit a 1500 with some finesse.

Battery I recommend:


You’ll also need a battery charger. I recommend this one. It’s the last battery charger you’ll ever need. 

Battery charger I recommend:


The Magpie does best with darts whose heads are smaller than their bodies. Cut down adventure force darts do work, but are more likely to jam due to their large head size. I recommend Worker darts or something similar. The cylinder may be a slightly tight at first with newer darts.

Recommended darts:


If you want to securely carry your Magpie for quick and easy access during play, I recommend this holster.


– Don’t leave your 3D printed blaster in the direct sun for a prolonged amount of time. This can cause the plastic to melt. Leaving your blaster in the shade or the trunk of a car is generally just fine.

– Always use eye-protection. I owe my eyes to my eye-pro many times over.


Please reach out with questions!

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