The MuliTool of Blasters | Do it all with one springer

The MultiTool is a Multi-Configuration Foam Dart Blaster by Chris Doughty of DoughtinatorDesigns in the UK. Designed to use as little hardware as possible with only screws, o-rings and a propulsion method.

You've never seen a blaster with this many uses!

The MultiTool is a great springer platform that boasts some cool features. Its high power and versatility make it great for playing in niche games or dialing in for high performance.

The XC, SBL, ESPER, and Talon Claw had a BABY! How does that work?

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– 100-200+ FPS performance

– Compatible with Straight Style Talon magazines

– Can be configured for Bolt or Pump Action

– Both String or Spring powered

– Adjustable Tuning Cap to get +/- 50 FPS performance on the same spring

– Quick access spring cap for fast spring swaps

– Breaks down in two (2) halves with just two (2) screws or thumbscrews

– Similar Prime Length and Volume as a Talon Claw for tried and true performance

– Multiple front configurations

– Can fire from a mag, or single load Mega, Mega XL, shotgun burst, etc all without the need for tools

Spring or String Powered

– Compatible with straight Talon style magsazines

– Quick-Change adaptor allows you to fire a variety of front-loaded ammo types or use the ‘Elite-Single’ attachment fire from Talon Magazines. All swappable without tools in the field.

– Same Volume and Spring Compression as Talon Claw v4 for tried and true performance

– Quick swap tool-less barrel options

– Integrated bearings on priming bars for smooth priming

– Can be configured for the following:

Bolt-action | Pump-Action | Pull-Action | Long or Short Shroud | Single Elite | Shotgun | Mega | MegaXL | Rival | Adjustable Tuning Screw | Removable Stock | Carry-Handle or Flat-Top Style | Quick Takedown with 2 screws

If you like blasters that can do it all or fire different ammo types, but still be competitive, this is for you. 

Click here to check it out: The MultiTool!

Sold with permission and proper licensing from DoughtinatorDesigns.