Pull the priming bar all the way back until you hear a click and the bar stays in place.

If you find your blaster difficult to prime, first point your blaster at the ground in between your knees, and pull upward until you hear a click.

Pull the priming bar straight back. Twist in the bar might cause it to not catch correctly.


There are a few different types of loading mechanisms for Rainbow Pistols. Each are very simple to fire. Yours will include whichever one(s) you selected at checkout.

RSCB Firing Mechanisms—

Each of the fittings is a simple push/friction fit. You’ll have to put the pieces together when you receive your package.

To load it, rotate-open the ball valve, insert up to 6 darts (10 for a full-length sized RSCB), close the ball valve, point the barrel at the ground to slide a dart into the chamber, and FIRE!

The darts move down the tube by tipping the blaster down to ‘load’ another dart.

Slide Breeches—

Rotate the barrel to unlock the breech, slide the barrel forward gently to open the breech, insert a dart into the barrel. The dart should be pushed fully into the beige colored tube. Prime the blaster, slide it closed, rotate to lock, then fire.

Single Shot—

Remove the barrel, prime the blaster, insert a dart fully into the back of the barrel, insert the barrel back onto the nose of the blaster, and FIRE!

Hopper & Chopper—

Rotate-open the ball valve, insert up to 6 darts (10 for a full-length sized RSCB), close the ball valve, and FIRE!


Rainbows and other spring powered blasters (especially those with tighter barrels) prefer darts whose heads are narrower than their foam bodies.

I recommend Worker darts, menguns, and a few brands of waffle darts. Just make sure the heads aren’t too large.

If the barrel is especially longer or tighter, short darts work much more reliably than full length darts as well.

I find these darts work well:


If you want to securely carry your Rainbow for quick and easy access during play, I recommend this holster.

Dropleg Sidearm Holster


Like with any nerf blaster, sometimes you encounter a jam. To clear a jam, remove the barrel of the Rainbow and insert a stick to poke out the jammed dart.

If jamming keeps happening, it could be because of your darts. I find full-length darts can fold in on themselves, as well as older nerf-brand darts. Waffle-head darts also are sometimes too fat for the barrels and clog the mechanism.

If you’re using the correct darts, then you shouldn’t have much of a problem.


– Do NOT dry fire your blaster. (Dry-firing is when you fire your blaster without a dart in it.)

– Do NOT leave your blaster in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. This can melt the plastic. In the trunk of a car, in the shade, or out playing in the field is generally just fine.

– ALWAYS use eye-protection, especially at high FPS. I owe my eyes to my eye-protection.

 Please reach out at anytime with questions.



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