The Sweetheart Storm is the Latest and Greatest

We’re bringing the Sweetheart Storm FB-1 2.0 Plus to the shop!

If you’ve signed up for early access, you’ll see the pre-order to the left. If not, you should see an email opt-in to get access to the pre-order.

The Storm is a fantastic blaster. Select fire with full and semi auto modes. The cycling is controlled by a battery and motor, but the main power is powered by spring power. It’s like an “Automatic Electric Gun” in airsoft, but for nerf. An AEB (blaster) if you will.

If you’re not sure about getting in on the pre-order for the Storm yet, we’ll be releasing more reviews and content about it this month.

Let us know what questions you have about the Storm!

We’ll make this content public, but the listing is ONLY available to subscribers first. The listing will be open for public purchase the last week of June, but the first batch might be sold out by then.

Anyway, check out some content below and let us know if you have any questions or what you want to know about the Storm!

Dope Features

– Semi Auto and Full Auto fire modes

– Talon Magazine compatible

– 7 darts per second on Full Auto (400+ Rounds per Minute)

– Includes 200 and 400mm barrels

– 300 FPS and 200 FPS out of the box with 400 and 200mm barrels

– Battery operated cycling

– Spring powered propulsion

– Accepts Airsoft AEG Grips

– Compatible with 16mm and 5/8″ OD barrels

– Includes long and short CQB handguard

– Normally closed bolt cycling for more consistent performance

– Greate accuracy out of the box

– Unique never before seen cam shaft drive

– FPS range from 100 – 300 FPS

– Dry-fire prevention feature alerts you when you are out of ammo and leaves one in the chamber for you

– Compatible with Nexus Pro Springs and Worker Narrow Springs

– Lots of M-Lok attachment points on Handguard

– 106cc Plunger Tube Air Volume

– Can use both 3S or 4S Lipo batteries

– Battery compartment fits most lipos (100 x 42 x 40 mm)

– Anodized metal Body, Barrel, and Internals

– Available in Red, Blue, or Green

– Full top Picatinny rail for attachments

– Barrel securely seated with 4x grub screws

– Entire disassembly possible with just a few hex keys

– Nylon printed shell parts

Storm at lower power

Storm Cycling and Full Auto Reliability Test (150 FPS)

Bradley Phillip’s Overview of a Pre-Production Version

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