The Waymaker!

From the designer of the Bulwark and Lepus, Jackrabbitnerfer has designed another blaster—the HPA Waymaker. 

You can check out the Waymaker here 


Before you get worried about HPA (high-pressure air) powered blasters, here’s some good points.  

You’ve probably heard some of these phrases before:

  • HPA is too expensive
  • HPA is dangerous
  • HPA is illegal everywhere
  • HPA is too hard to get used to


While yes, HPA is pretty new, it can offer performance and versatility many of us have been wanting in the hobby. And Jackrabbitnerfer’s Waymaker especially. 

Easily adjustable FPS (100FPS-400FPS)

Also, don’t let the paintball-like sound fool you. You can turn down the FPS on your blaster with a twist of an hex key. Turn down for less competitive rounds or playing against nerfers with less powerful blasters.  

Afterwards, simply turn up the FPS for the more competitive rounds. 

You won’t have to be the guy who brings a trunk full of blasters to your events just to stay within the FPS limits. 

Never worry about the chronograph again.

HPA is less tiring on the field

After several rounds of play with a spring powered blaster, you start to feel it.


Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably still run my springers at every nerf event I go for the rest of my life, but it’s sure nice to NOT have sore muscles the next day. 

One of my buddies put it this way…

“You wanna shoot straight, and you don’t wanna try. And that’s what happened. I didn’t have to try.” 

While you’ll still need to try to play well, having a platform that shoots consistently and accurately without having to worry about priming is a nice break. 

The learning curve is easier than they say online

If you’ve run a springer, you’ll likely be totally fine with HPA. 

In my opinion, maintaining a springer is actually more involved than maintaining and running HPA. 

At first, the tank, regulator and everything can look a little daunting, and your first HPA blaster will take some getting used to.

But people tell me it’s a lot easier than they thought.

Also, I’ll email you some helpful videos walking you through setting up your Waymaker, so you’ll be prepared when your order arrives.

You can also reach out to me with questions. I check my email everyday. 

You can reuse your setup in other blasters

Once you get your initial gear—regulator, tank, SuperCORE— you can swap your setup between whatever HPA blaster you want.

Any new designs that come out will only cost you the price of the blaster (generally between $130-150). 

Your first setup will require an initial investment, but once you’ve got it, all you need is the blaster. And compared to what you’d have to spend to get comparable performance on other blasters, you’d probably be saving money in the end.

It's just plain fun, okay?

I wish I could come to your local nerf games and let you try my blasters. Everyone I’ve shown HPA to has been a little skeptical at first, but afterwards couldn’t put it down. 

I now use HPA as one of my main primaries.

So if you’re thinking about joining the HPA club…

If you’re honestly considering about it, I’d say the Waymaker is a good blaster to start with. 

The Waymaker is a remote-line setup, meaning that you’ll carry your tank in a pouch instead of on your blaster. 

Remote-lines give you greater mobility and a lighter blaster. 

The Waymaker is also a great blaster for attachments. You’ve got plenty of rails up top and a 3D printed stock on the back. The barrel are threaded, so you can easily swap them out. 

You can check out the Waymaker here 

I know this is all very new, and probably not everyone’s style, so please don’t hesitate to shoot me a note if you have questions.


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