The Pigeon is compatible with many magazines. The Pigeon Pecker Magazine works with any and all version of the Pigeon— Mk7 and Mk8 in both Talon and Katana variants. The original Pecker mag was designed by Woody7070, modified by MHP, and then finally tinkered by me. It sits flush with the handle of the pigeon for a compact form factor.


*Mag fit of 3D printed magazines may vary, but all function in the Pigeon.

To load the mag, insert the Pecker Mag into the handle of your Pigeon. To unload the mag, simply shake the blaster with a swift downward motion while holding back the mag release slide (Talon) or pushing down the trigger guard (Katana).

(Pigeons are also compatible with other mag variants such as Jet Katana, Thanhlon, Worker Talon, and others.)


Like all single trigger flywheel blasters, you must partially pull the trigger to turn on the wheels (revving), and then pull the trigger the rest of the way to fire the blaster. I recommend a quick release after each pull to reset the internal mechanisms.

*Do not pull the trigger without letting the blaster rev up first.*

*Revving the blaster excessively can cause excess heat and risk damage to the motors, prints, wheels, etc.*


The pigeon has the unique function of being able to lock the slide back. This is useful for checking darts remaining or clearing a jam on the fly. Simply pull the slide back, and engage the slide lock. Pull down the lock to release the slide.

The Mk8 has a blauxback mechanism to simulate the recoil blauxback of a real-steel firearm. It’s activated by the trigger, but can be disabled by disengaging the slide saftey.



The Pigeon si like other flywheel blasters. Most half-length darts work, but darts with wider heads often are more prone to jamming due to the larger wide diameter. Waffle and adventure force work, but might jam more.


I recommend Worker darts, menguns, and a few brands of waffle darts. Just make sure the heads aren’t too large.

I find these darts work well:


The battery is installed into the front of the blaster. The tacbox on the Mk8 can be removed and battery slide in. If the battery is difficult to insert, the slide can also be removed which helps to get the wires tucked away properly as to not interfere with the movement of the slide.

The Mk7 battery is installed by unscrewing the top screws in the top middle of the blaster on the barrel, then the slide is slid back, and up. The top should unhinge and provide access to the battery compartment.

You’ll also need a battery charger.


How to Charge a Lipo Battery


If you fire and no dart comes out, then you might have a jam.

DO NOT keep the trigger pulled when the blaster is jammed.

Clear the dart or jam from the blaster, then proceed. Keeping the trigger pulled or continuing to attempt to fire will certainly cause damage to the blaster.

You can clear the jam by poking the jammed dart out of the barrel with a stick or slender object if necessary.


If you want to securely carry your Pigeon for quick and easy access during play, I recommend this holster.

Dropleg Sidearm Holster

I’ve personally been using this holster for over a year now and have found it to be the best all-round sidearm holster.

Please reach out with questions!



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