The Bulwark works best with worker 15 round Talon magazines, but also works with 17 round 3D printed Thanhlon magazines.


Mags are loaded from the top. Make sure you load the mag nose first and then click in the back.


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The Bulwark has 2 triggers. The lower ‘trigger’ turns on the blasters (revs the flywheels) and the top trigger activates the pusher to fire a dart. Avoid pulling the fire trigger with the flywheels disengaged or not fully spinning. Best performance and reliability is achieved when the flywheels reach their top speed.


Tap the main trigger to fire a single dart or a burst of darts. Results vary depending on the rate of fire setup you selected.


Rate of fire varies depending on the speed of the motor used. Default is 600 rpm or 10 darts per second. This gives a good balance of speed and control.


The best darts to use are Adventure Force Darts. They have the right head shape and good foam size for maximum FPS and good accuracy in the Bulwark.

Available at local Walmarts or from me here: 


Battery compartment located in stock with thumbscrew for quick and easy access. No tools required.

The Bulwark fits any lipo up to the 1500mAh.

 You’ll also need a battery charger.
Battery charger I recommend:

How to Charge a Lipo Battery


If you fire and no dart comes out, then you might have a jam.

DO NOT keep either trigger pulled when the blaster is jammed. Keeping the trigger(s) pulled or continuing to attempt to fire can cause damage to the blaster.


Clear the jam by poking the jammed dart out of the barrel with a stick or slender object. You can also remove the magazine to check if there is a dart stuck inside the blaster. Fully remove any jammed dart before continuing to use your blaster.


– Don’t leave your 3D printed blaster in the direct sun for a prolonged amount of time. This can cause the plastic to melt. Leaving your blaster in the shade or the trunk of a car is generally just fine.

– Always use eye-protection. I owe my eyes to my eye-pro many times over.



Please reach out with questions!


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