Most Unique Custom Blaster Designs

Ready to gather a crowd on the field? Get the most unique blaster out there. 

The Spring Thunder Shotgun

Shell-ejecting, pump-action nerf shotgun

Spring Thunder Nerf Shotgun

The Magpie Revolver

Wild west, 6-shot cylinder, short nerf dart revolver

The Bulwark

Top-loading, sci-fi, fully-automatic short-dart blaster

The Zinc 2.0

Real-steel looking, mag-in-handle, slide, spring-powered nerf pistol

The FR-1 Viper Revolver

Compact, semi-auto, break action revolver

The Rainbow Pistol

Classic, DIY-style sniper. 300FPS possible.

Chelicerae Base Blaster

Dual-magwell, double-strike short-dart blaster

The Microburst

Co2 powered, shell-ejecting mega or rocket launcher

Frontline Foam is a hobby shop in Provo, Utah, dedicated to making aftermarket nerf more accessible to the nerf hobby. If you’re looking for a specialized, custom, 3D-printed blaster or parts, Frontline Foam is for you.

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