When will I get my M79? And other FAQs

When will I get my M79 if I ordered today?

We’re placing our big order with MILSIG within the next few days. After that, they guarantee the M79s will arrive within 70 days. (After they’ve produced them all.)

If you’re part of the pre-order, we’ll keep you updated.

What are the perks of the pre-order?

If you pre-order, you get…. The pre-order discount, and a complementary hat, courtesy of MILSIG.

You’re also guaranteed your specific color and tank setup. Once the pre-order ends, we can’t guarantee that you’ll get the colors/setup you’d like.

Big thank-you to the pre-orders for making it possible to bring the M79 to the hobby.

If I have questions, do I ask MILSIG or Frontline Foam?

Contact us! We (at Frontline Foam) handle all the customer support. No need to coordinate time zones with Taiwan. Email/call/text anytime.

When will the pre-order end?

Pre-orders close once we have M79s in stock, likely when our first big order arrives. However, that may change depending on a variety of factors. We can’t guarantee for how long the pre-order discount will be available.

Please reach out anytime with more questions! 

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