Zinc 2.0 Build Guide

For all new blasters, I have to get the STL files ready for mass production at the shop. Sometimes that involves tweaking the original STL file to take hardware we already stock, as well as making changes for easier assembly. (Even a few minutes of time saved in production adds up fast.)

TOOLS (as seen in the video): 

  • Phillips screwdriver or allen key (Depending on what hardware you’re using)
  • 9/64″ drill bit if holes came out undersized (Just get a drill bit set)
  • File(s) to clean up prints
  • Lube
  • Super Glue for magnets and thumbnut
  • Snips/Wire cutters for pin and/or springs
  • Picks are useful to push in pins.
  • Mallet to tap in barrel

Build length: 1-2 hours. Intermediate-to-advanced build. 

Be prepared to file and sand if necessary. Be careful when inserting plunger tube.

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