Zinc Upgrades!

 Frontline Foam:

Over 600 Zincs Sold

Over 1900 Zinc mags Sold

Over 160 Zinc kits Sold

The Zinc is a SUPER dope blaster designed by 118.dsign! It really revolutionized the arms race that is high powered secondaries. Frontline Foam has become pretty well-versed on the Zinc.

The community has come out with a lot of unique Zinc designs, and with their permission, we’ve finally gotten around to adding those options to our site! 

We’ve sold over 600 Zincs, over 1900 Zinc mags, and over 160 Zinc kits. 

Deck Out Your Zinc!

We are now officially doing a long overdue revisit to our Zinc offering and adding the following:

  • New slide options
  • New frame options
  • Extended and shortened Zinc options
  • Extended magazines
  • Muzzle BCARs and PCARs for increased accuracy
  • Flared magwell add-on for easier mag insertion
  • Dedicated cheap, solid Zinc holster options
  • Extended barrel options for Flash BCAR and others
  • Anodized barrels
  • Brass lined barrels

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