ZWQ Baize! Bolt-Action Super Sniper!

Available only the next 7 days, limited discount pre-order! It’s likely going to retail for $180-190, but right now we can get our first batch for $170. That’s the pre-order discount and it will not last because its limited to our first order.

The brand new powerhouse manufactured by ZWQ. ZWQ ‘S100s Baize’ blaster – Bolt action sniper. The first version was the ZWQ War Saint. This version is Bolt-Action, for you snipy bois.

New futuristic railgun look with polycarbonate shell. CNC aluminum picatinny rails to mount scope, sights, and other accessories. It also includes long barrel shroud to protect the barrel and provide the futuristic look.

Get in on the pre-order now!

The Baize S100s also has some unique features that make it different from other blasters. Most notable is the MASSIVE plunger tube (air volume) which has a potential for huge FPS performance.


  • Adjustable and retractable buttstock with turning a screw
  • Built in sling points in front and rear
  • Bolt locks open when mag is empty
  • Bolt-action prime with swappable left or right handed prime bar
  • Made and sourced from ZWQ
  • Long barrel and huge plunger volume
  • ~200 FPS out of box with mod potential up to 300+ FPS
  • Accepts different pistol grips
  • Offered as a preassembled version of the blaster
  • A bolt lock system with proprietary magazine, which prevents dry firing and alerts the user when the magazine is empty
  • 3 Color variants available: Orange, White, Clear
  • 6 dart magazine (specific for the S100s Baize)
  • Talon mag adapter available
  • Metal internals upgrades are available

Click here to pre-order the Baize!


Q: How long is the prime?

– A: ~5.75″

Q: How much does it cost?

– A: $180-190 Retail, but right now $170 for the pre-order

Q: What barrel is included?

– A: 13mm ID, 16mm OD Anodized Aluminum Metal 490mm with custom chambering. Additional barrels available here: Replacement Barrel

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