How to Get Top Performance on a U-Series Blaster | 5 Steps

U-series blasters have been available for awhile, but we recently made some modifications to improve performance and durability. These tips apply to the U Talon Claw, U Bullpup and U Caliburn.  

#1: Step Down to Tighter Barrel (+20FPS)

Shoots about 20FPS harder by just switching to a tighter barrel.

We’ve modified the top railgasm and shuttle to be able to take tighter barrels. Most barrels are 5/8ths diameter, but if you want to go to a tighter bore, sometimes the default ramcore will have a hard time feeding.

A simple way to step down to a tighter barrel is by first going through a short segment of normal barrel into a tighter barrel with a coupler. We’ve modified the shroud and the shuttle prints to have more clearance for the adapter for a smooth prime.

Modified shuttle applies to the U Talon Claw, U Caliburn and original Caliburn doom shroud shuttle.

Modified railgasm applies to the original Talon Claw and Caliburn.

U Bullpup doesn’t need a modified shuttle.

Print your own: Print Files

Printed parts & barrel adapter available here: Prints for Stepped-Down Barrel

#2: Switch to Machine Parts (+20FPS & improved air-seal)

U-series, Talon Claw & Caliburn all benefit from machine parts. The original parts are designed to be 3D printed, but because of variance in 3D printing technology, quality of filament, print settings etc, it can be difficult to get the air-seal consistent.

The machine parts are made to higher tolerances, so you get a better air-seal by just switching out the parts.

Options include acetal, white, black and aluminum parts.


U Talon Claw/U Bullpup Machine Plunger

U Talon Claw/U Bullpup Ramrod


U Caliburn Machine Plunger

U Caliburn/Caliburn Ramrods

#3: Add Pcap Plate (protects against dry-firing breakage)

In addition to performance-boosting parts, we have parts to help durability. The u-series middle section—the magback and the pcap—are prone to breakage.

There is a new single piece print that is stronger that can help, however, it’s still possible to break it. What we have now is a thin, aluminum plate that has been machined down to fit in between the two parts. (It’s basically the u-series equivalent of the coupler inserts in the original caliburn and talon claw.)

This insert makes the middle section virtually indestructible.

U-Series Pcap Plate

#4: Add Aluminum Sear & Trigger (protects against slack and misfires)

We’ve made a couple of sets of aluminum sears and triggers (and trigger link for U Bullpup). These protect against slack and misfires, as well as add overall durability to the blaster.

We’ve made these for the Caliburn and Talon Claw platform, but now we have them for the U-Series blasters.

U-Series Aluminum Parts

#5: Customize with Carbon Fiber Wrap and Black Hardware (just for style….:)

The carbon fiber wrapping completes the look and helps coverup the unsightly aluminum bars. You still have the aluminum priming bar, but I almost like a little bit of a silver look in the middle. But having the U-channel all the way down was a little much. Keep in mind, though, the carbon fiber is just a sticker, so it’s not the most durable thing out there, but it definitely helps the esthetic.

In addition, there are metal screws. We replaced all the zinc-coated hardware with black oxide hardware which also helps complete the look for darker schemes.

This applies especially to the shuttle and foregrip, so you don’t have black parts with silver sticking out here and there.

Black Hardware

Carbon Fiber Wrap + U Channel

And with that, the toughest blasters just got tougher.