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Some nerfers might think that HPA is dangerous, too expensive, or too complicated. However, I find the Axiom to be an easy-to-learn platform, only about as risky as a standard springer blaster, and lots of fun (CONTINUE READING…)

Improve the durability and performance of your blaster by simply switching out the spring. K-series springs are most common for Caliburns, Talon Claws and U-Series blasters. While they do work and are fairly durable, they aren’t rated for the amount of compression cycles we use in nerf, and will probably wear out in about a year…. (CONTINUE READING)

U-series blasters have been available for awhile, but we recently made some modifications to improve performance and durability. These tips apply to the U Talon Claw, U Bullpup and U Caliburn…(CONTINUE READING)

See how our filament colors will look on your blaster. 

See how the vanguard (dogbone-shaped) ramcore works when firing. The benefit of a vanguard is to be able to fire with the breech closed. 

Foam Knight XC

HOW TO SWAP FOAM KNIGHT MAGWELLS & BARRELS (hint: it’s super easy…) FRONTLINERS ONLY! Foam Knight – XC official version is now available.  10% OFF

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Select-Fire Woozi COMING SOON!

What modes does the Select-Fire attachment have?  Semi-auto, full-auto, and burst. Modes are controlled by a small switch on the front of the blaster.  When

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