Presenting the Axiom

Some nerfers might think that HPA is dangerous, too expensive, or too complicated. However, I find the Axiom to be an easy-to-learn platform, only about as risky as a standard springer blaster, and lots of fun on the field!

Special thanks to Atch Attachments for the design!


The Axiom might be my favorite HPA build so far. HPA in general is great if you’re ready for something new and different in nerf, want something customizable with an adjustable FPS (150 FPS – 400 FPS), or just plain fun. 

Features of the Axiom

Simple construction, easy to understand

For this blaster, it’s a matter of basically hooking the remote line to the fitting on the blaster and then onto the air tank. Not any more difficult than inserting your straw into your 24-liter Dr Pepper. 

Ergonomic design and comfortable to hold

Seriously, the dudes at my local nerf war where I ran my Axiom for the first time, were commenting on how small it was. Very compact and CQB worthy.

Use any size air tank you want

The use of a remote line (the air tube that connects to the tank/regulator) makes it so the air tank isn’t weighing down the blaster which means you can carry a larger tank on your person.

Adjustable FPS (150 FPS – 400 FPS range)

Like all HPA blasters, you can adjust your FPS right there at your event. If your blaster is hitting too hot, simply turn it down. If it’s time for more competitive play, crank it up!

Customizable so you stand out

  • Upper receiver is modular
  • Picantinny rails for attachments
  • Battery easily accessible in the handle
  • Jam door opens from the top
  • Sling point conveniently located
  • Custom color schemes and locations for custom text

Makes a sweet sound when firing
You’ll just have to see it in play or watch a video or something, if you aren’t familiar already. 

I was also actually surprised about how relatively quiet it is. I ran my Axiom at a small park event. The boys were worried that the noise might worry the neighbors, but it was definitely quiet enough on lower power. The traffic was louder than the blaster. 

Exactly what you'll need:

The Axiom 

Bullpup, HPA powered, mag-fed platform. 

$165 – $183


Remote Line HPA Setup

–  SuperCORE

– Battery

– Storm Regulator

– 48ci HPA Tank & Pouch

– Regulator to Adapter

– 3ft 6mm airline


*If you already the HPA Remote Line setup, it’s very likely your stuff will be compatible with the Axiom. Contact me with specific questions*

Feedback on the first HPA blaster I released: 

My Guarantee

I’ve done a lot of trial and error and testing to learn the ins and outs for this set up. If you get everything from me, all you’ll have to do is fill up your tank, and you’re good to go. 

I’m very committed to helping ensure your setup works. I was just on the phone with a customer last week to help get his own setup working, and I’d do the same for you. 

Plus, in the next little while, I’ll be releasing more content on how to effectively and safely use your HPA blaster. 

Please reach out with questions! 


A Warning

While HPA isn’t nearly as scary as people make it sound, it’s important that you PLEASE follow these rules that every nerfer should know: 

– ALWAYS wear eye-protection

– NEVER shoot someone point blank with high FPS

– ALWAYS supervise and be responsible with HPA especially around children

– Don’t use the set-up for something other than what it’s designed for

– Be aware of local laws and regulations

– Be a good sport always

On the other hand… 

– DO go out and dominate the field

– DO bring your blaster to family events 

– DO enjoy not having a tired priming arm at the end of the day

– DO enjoy how cool HPA makes you feel and how it sounds

…and the list goes on

The Axiom in Play

I took my Axiom to a small, corona-compliant nerf event. Here are a few clips from the field. 

I was surprised by how quiet it was, especially on lower power. 

Also, the sling attachment under the handle is really growing on me. 

Special thanks to Atch Attachments for the design.


Click here to check out The Axiom

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