Lepus DIY Kit

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Includes all of the parts needed to build your own Lepus. An extremely compact, mag-in-handle, full auto blaster designed by JackRabbitNerfer. Darts & battery sold separately.

Pictured as dark green
Pictured as black
Color configurator found here: Lepus Color Configurator


General Info:
– Listing includes all of the 3D printed and hardware parts needed to build your own Lepus. Assembly required.
– Fully automatic with two trigger setup. One revs the wheels, the second fires.
– Fire switch will only activate after rev switch is activated to prevent jams and accidental firing
– Extremely compact (6″ x 6″ x 2-1/2″)
– Mag in handle design with pull-detent system
– Variable rate of fire. Default configuration fires about 1 mag per half-second or 30 darts per second
– Powered by Fang ReVamped motors by Foamblast and Worker Hurricane Flywheels by Worker Mod
– N20 600rpm pusher motor makes for reliable single fire and controlled full auto fire.
– Performance on-par with similar builds (Hurricane, Bulwark, Woozi, etc) (~130 FPS)
– Battery compartment dimensions are: 58mmx15mmx43mm

Darts & Loading:
– Compatible with Talon, Thanhlon, and other Talon style magazines
– Medium crush (32.5mm) means will work with most dart types, but recommended darts are the Half-length Adventure Force darts.

Battery & Charger: 
– Rear thumbscrew for quick access to battery cover and internals
– Compatible with small 3s Lipo batteries (Tattu 450mAh recommended).
– NOT compatible with 1300 or 1500mAh batteries.
– Wired with JST connector for compact size
-Battery Charger: IMAX B6 Lipo Battery Charger

Additional Motor Setup
Magnetic Pop-Loc Holster


View a color configurator here: Lepus Color Configurator

View the build guide here: Lepus Build Guide

Jackrabbitnerfer originally designed the Lepus to be a full-auto sidearm for his Caliburn or HPA blaster.

**Original design by JackRabbitNerfer on Etsy. Sold with permission.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 3 in

4 reviews for Lepus DIY Kit

  1. Bob

    it literally spits darts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dan

    Fantastic shooter! Quality design with good tolerances for easy assembly and long-term reliability. Great support too when I had questions (they quickly pointed out that I had the polarity reversed on the pusher motor).

  3. Koen Kahle

    Great product. Love playing with it and just dumping mags. (I don’t own one but my cousin does)

  4. Bennett Morrison

    Aside from a delay due to lack of fang revamps, I am very satisfied with my purchase. The print quality is nearly perfect. Everything is included. Props to Frontlinefoam

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