Jury by Rekt (CO2 Revolver)

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The Jury is a six dart removable cylinder revolver by the company Rekt. It holds a 12g CO2 canister in the grip and has both single AND double action capabilities. It’s essentially an amped-up hammershot!


– Removable cylinders for quick swap reloads
– Canister cover includes built in hex key for tool-less use
– Houses 12g CO2 canister in grip making the blaster very well balanced
– 120 FPS performance out of box with potential for ~160+ FPS performance with removal of air restrictor (modifying blaster voids warranty)
– Hammer features safety feature to prevent accidental discharge
– One 12g canisters gets around 30 full-power shots with subsequent shots decreasing in power as CO2 has is used up
– Fire single action by priming hammer then pulling trigger OR fire double action by simply pulling trigger

– 1 Jury blaster
– 2x 6-round cylinders
– 12 Rekt half length darts

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in

Red, Blue

2 reviews for Jury by Rekt (CO2 Revolver)

  1. Cole Cooper (verified owner)

    The jury is a great blaster, really fun. Even though your gonna need to buy co2 canisters for it it doesn’t burn through them too quick. The design of it is awesome 👌. The revolver action and removable drum make it fun to just play with it. I personally made a holster for mine which makes it even better, trying to quick draw like its the wild west. Overall, one of my favorite blasters I’ve ever bought, and good for the price.

  2. Karl Hunt

    Great blaster and fantastic service from Frontline Foam.

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