Ultimate Guide to Springs for Springer Blasters

Improve the durability and performance of your blaster by simply switching out the spring. 

K-series springs are most common for Caliburns, Talon Claws and U-Series blasters. While they do work and are fairly durable, they aren’t rated for the amount of compression cycles we use in nerf, and will probably wear out in about a year. 

Aftermarket springs provide better durability and performance, as well as more options in addition to your k-series spring choices. 

Aftermarket springs are available here: AFTERMARKET SPRINGS at Frontline Foam

Special thanks to Evan Gregor at Turf Blaster Springs 🙂

A few reasons to consider aftermarket springs… 

1. Better spring performance & higher FPS

Longshot turf springs come in 5KG, 8KG, 10KG, 16KG, & 18.5KG, so when you combine them with the regular K-series springs, you have a much wider range of spring performance available.

**Turf Blaster Springs has also recently come out with a Pro25 option!

It’s currently on sale here: https://frontlinefoam.com/product/pro25/  **

(FPS ratings in the chart above may vary)

2. Maintain Spring Rating for Longer

Turf blaster springs are made out of a different material, so they are able to maintain their spring rating for longer and don’t wear out as often. 

3. More Consistent Power

Longshot springs are designed with a different overall length in mind, so they have less pre-compression. This means you’re not wasting your space with extra coils, so your power is more consistent. 

4. Spring Stacking Ability

The longshot springs have a wider diameter, so they stack evenly and don’t bend in the plunger tube. 

Some of the longshot springs have a wider diameter. That’s because they’re designed to stack. 

For example, if you take a 10KG and an 8KG, they’ll mesh together. The coils are going different directions, so they’ll stack together and not interfere with each other. That makes it so the spring total value of power is about 18KG. And because of how nicely it stacks, it actually feels lighter than an actual 18KG. 

5. Style 🙂

Turf blaster springs has a K26 spring variant called the Pro26. Has a different wire material so it won’t wear out as fast. The spring ends are closed, so it will fit and prime more smoothly in most blasters. Because of its length, it will still bend in the middle, but you can just cut it down to fit whatever blaster you need.

And these come in colors 🙂

Some blasters require modified endcap and plunger to take an aftermarket spring. The following is a chart to help you determine if you’ll need any modified parts for your blaster.

(Frontline Foam blasters are modified by default and don’t require special prints.)

Modified Talon Claw Plunger: https://frontlinefoam.com/product/nerf-talon-claw-plunger/

Modified prints for U series: https://frontlinefoam.com/product/printed-part-upgrades-for-u-series-blaster/

Please reach out to support@frontlinefoam.com with any questions!


Aftermarket springs are available here –>


Special thanks to Evan Williams at Turf Blaster Springs 🙂

*Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and not meant to prescribe or diagnose 😛



    What spring is good for the nerf rampage? i want at least 100fps on it. Thanks!

  • falcongt9 says:

    What spring would be good for the “Lynx” by Orion blasters. I’m looking for a spring that is good for 150 and 200+ FPS.

  • Fewur says:

    Hi Derrik,

    thank you about your insights. While watching this video a different blaster came to my mind…
    The Spring Thunder
    What kind of spring do you think is in the Spring Thunder? And which springs could I use to replace the default spring? I am especially looking for a spring, which is a little bit weaker than the default because my blaster right now is a bit hard to operate.


    • Derrikk Sun says:


      The Spring Thunder uses a 9″ long K26. It can take up to an 11″ spring or so, so a full length K25 or Pro25 could be ideal for you. You will lose a little bit of power however.

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